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OUR PRODUCTS Wholehouse Functional Water Filtration System?
Wholehouse Stainless Steel 4 in 1 Functional Water Filtration System Wholehouse Stainless Steel 4 in 1 Functional Water Filtration System



Features Of 5 Star Functional Water Filtration System


The Steel body of 5 Star Functional Water Filtration System is fabricated by typical authentic stainless steel (JIS/ASTM SUS 304 BA Finished) which is widely used in kitchen utensils, containers, tanks etc. Therefore, this type of steel casing can protect Ultra Violet (UV), Long lasting, most robust, well design & environment protection.


Requires periodic manual backwash for optimum flow performance. The backwash process is simple & usually takes only a few minutes.


  • 5 Star Wholehouse Functional Water Filtration System treats all water entering the home and are installed at the point of entry where the main water source enters the house, apartment or office.
  • These systems are designed for the entire home including,
    • Every faucet
    • Shower head and bath room
  • The incoming water is processed through multimedia filters which remove :
    • Chlorine
    • Sub-micron particles
    • Bacteria and cysts
    • Odor
    • Heavy metal
    • Enhance minerals into the treated water
    • Produce smaller water molecules cluster 

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Chlorine Effect

On Our Health

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You probably realize that you should not drink unfiltered tap water.      

But, ??You may not realize that chlorine vapor is another health hazard.??/font>


  •   A wholehouse water filter is the best way to get clean and healthy water throughout your home.  
  •   You might exposed to chlorine vapor when the time you open the tap water for:                                    
    • Washing and Cleaning (Dish, Cloth, Car, Floor and etc.)
    • Showering
    • Cooking
  • Not only chlorine but also its ??y-products??are in the tap water noted as THMs and one of them is chloroform gas. 
  • Only the best wholehouse functional system can remove THMs. 
  • Exposure to low levels of chloroform gas causes dizziness, headaches & fatigue.  
  • Chronic or long term exposure to small amounts of chloroform gas can cause damage to the liver and kidneys.
  • Drinking it and inhaling the chlorine is a problem, but during the shower, it is absorbed through the skin.
  • The best wholehouse water filters block more  than 99.99 percent of the chlorine, so that it can never  
    be vaporized in your home.

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Why 5 Star 4 in 1 Wholehouse Functional Water Filtration System


Drinking Water Filtration System?

First and Second Stage Filtration System ??
Sediment Filter
  • Water is contaminated with sediment such as sand, slit rust particles, clay and organic material. 
  • To prevent those suspended solid easily deposit and clog our water pipeline as well as damage water heater, sediment filters are the best options to get rid of those contaminants. 
  • If you have been wondering why your toothpaste or soap does not lather easily, it is because the presented of muddy substances in your tap water that affect the chemical properties of toothpaste and soap. 
  • Apart from presence of these contaminants, you should be concerned about bacteria and other pollutants that can endanger your health.
  • The most important aspect of choosing a sediment filter is the pore size.
  • If the pore size of the filter medium is too small or if the concentration of suspended solids in the water is too high, the filter may easily clog & require frequent replacement. 
  • Therefore, 5 Star 4 in 1 Functional Filtration System come with the first 2 filter as sediment filter instead of only 1 sediment filter found in the market.
  • Water will first pass through the first sand filter to remove up to 85% of sediment with particles size not smaller than 30 micron. 
  • The second filter, Special formulated Fabric membrane, will trap the remaining particles large than 10 micron.
  • With the combination of Sand filter and Fabric membrane, the system might get rid over 99% of sediment with least maintenance.


Third Stage Filtration System ??Nanosilver Activated Carbon Filter


  • The third stage of filtration come with a filter consist of Nanosilver Coated Granular Activated Carbon. 
  • High quality activated carbon used in 5 Star Wholehouse Filtration System remove the harmful chlorine, heavy metal, odor and organic compound in your tap water. 
  • The more sophisticated nanosilver granular activated carbon prevent bacteria growth. 
  • This is due to the fact that non-bacteriostatic activated carbon actually breed bacteria and other organisms.
  • By bonding nanosilver to activated carbon, carbon no longer furnishes bacteria with an ideal breeding ground. 
  • Normal activated carbon filters will not remove bacteria instead promote bacterial proliferates. The organic chemicals that are adsorbed to the activated carbon are served as a nutrient medium for bacterial to growth. 
  • This is why many customer purchase carbon water filters become quickly dissatisfied with their units when they notice unpleasant odors in their filtered water.


Fourth Stage Filtration System ??QE (Quantum Energy) Filter 

  • This filter come with the special formulated Quantum Energy (QE) Ball to enhance the minerals in water.
  • Produce mild alkaline water.
  • Generate smaller water molecule cluster for easier body adsorption.



Filter Media and Effect


Filter 1 - Crystal Sand and Super Quick Sand

  • Remove 85% of sub-micron particles

Filter 2 - Special formulated Fabric membrane (10 micron - 10x smaller than human hair)

  • Remove over 99% of sub-micron particles

Filter 3 - Nanosilver Coated Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)

  • Remove volatile organic chemicals (VOC), pesticides, herbicides, chlorine, benzene, trihalomethane (THM) compounds, manganese odor and solvents
  • Control Bacteria Growth

Filter 4 - Special formulated Quantum Energy (QE) ball and Nanotech Alkali Media


  • Reduce the size of water molecule cluster for easier body absorption
  • Increase Dissolve Oxygen (DO)
  • Enhanced minerals in the water
  • Enhanced and provide alkaline water for body pH balance

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Ideal For                           

  • Landed Houses 
  • Condominium 
  • Restaurants 
  • Hotel 
  • Laboratory and Hospital 
  • Commercial Industrial Use
    For Raw Water Filtration
     -  Use Before Pure Water System
     -  Food and Beverage
    -   Electronics Industry
    -  Equipment for Waste Water





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