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OUR PRODUCTS Fish Pond Filtration System
Fish Pond 3 in 1 Functional Water Filtration System Fish Pond 3 in 1 Functional Water Filtration System

Fish Pond 3 in 1 Functional Water Filtration System provides the fish pond with an unlimited supply of safe water and effectively and effeciently removes all known water pollution and contaminants, thereby reducing turbidity as well as controlling bacteria and algae growth.


  Fish Pond Functional Filtration System


   Why Water Quality Is So Important To Fish?

   Poor water quality will kill your fish faster than anything else.

 ? Basically five water quality items that we need to be concerned

    • pH
    • Ammonia
    • Nitrite
    • Nitrate
    • Oxygen

 ?  Low oxygen in a pond can kill every fish in the pond overnight.

 ?  High ammonia levels can kill fish within several days.

 ?  But, even marginal levels of oxygen, ammonia and nitrates can set your fish up to fall victim to other life threatening problems.

 ?  So, the goal should always be to have the best water quality possible.    

    How Does pH Affect Fish Health?

 ?  pH is a measurement of whether the water is acidic or alkaline.

 ?  pH is measured on a scale ranging from 1 to 14 with 7.0 being neutral.

 ?  Any measurement below 7.0 is considered acidic

 ?  Any measurement above 7.0 is alkaline.

 ?  The ideal pH for fish is 7.4 but koi fish will do quite well in water ranging from 7.0 to 9.0 as long as it does not fluctuate too much.

 ?  Low pH is highly acidic, burning the skin and the gills of the fish

 ?  high pH is highly alkaline, chapping fish skin.

 ?  When pH varies more than 0.5 in a 24-hour period, the water experiences what is called a ??H crash??

 ?  Swings are very dangerous, as they interfere with basic body functions, leaving fish vulnerable to stress and disease.

      Nitrogen Cycle ??Ammonia

 ?  Aquatic animals secrete nitrogenous waste products in the form of ammonia.

 ?  They are producing ammonia via the gills and through excreted waste in the form of feces and urine.

 ?  Feces and urine combined with uneaten food and decaying plant by Heterotrophic bacteria and turn it into nitrite (actually HNO2, nitrous acid) and nitrate (actually HNO3, nitric acid).

 ?  There are situations which may result rise in ammonia levels:

?  Filter failure

?  Lack of maintenance

?  Over-feeding

 ?  Ammonia can cause damage at levels of only 0.1ppm.

 ?  This may cause destruction of mucus membranes, the gills are particularly likely to be damaged and may appear reddened 


 ?  Nitrites are produced when bacteria oxidized the ammonia.

 ?   Nitrites are also toxic to your fish. The best way to remove nitrites from your pond is to remove ammonia by using activated carbon filter.

 ?   A nitrite level of only 0.1ppm could prove harmful if exposure is prolonged.

 ?  Symptoms of nitrite poisoning include gasping and rapid gill movements, which could be mistaken for a shortage of oxygen.

 ?  In extreme cases, fish can actually die of suffocation because nitrite binds to the heamoglobin.


 ?  Nitrates are the last chemical produced during the nitrification cycle that takes place in the biological filter.

 ?  Nitrates are not nearly as toxic as ammonia and nitrites.

 ?  But nitrates promote algae growth by serving them as food in the pond.

 ?  Obviously we can see algae growth around the walls of the pond.   


 ?  Remove suspended solid and sediment found inside the pond such as uneaten food and feces.

 ?  Maintains the clarity of pond water.

 ?  Stabilizing the pH at 7-9

 ?  Remove ammonia, nitrites and nitrate without depend on biological treatment. (Using bacteria)

 ?  Increase 0.2% of dissolve oxygen

 ?  Do not cause  ??H crash??/FONT> 

     How Does 5 Star Fish Pond Filtration System Stabilize the pH?

 ?  The ideal of stabilized the pH was to prevent pH crash.

 ?  A ??H crash??is when in a relatively short period of time the pH begins to drop and it won?? stop until it reaches pH5.5.

 ?  At a pH of 5.5, koi fish will begin to die within a few days.

 ?   5 Star fish pond filtration system contribute natural alkaline ball to stabilize the environment pH between 7-9.

 ?  When the environment pH begin to become acidic, these alkaline ball will release high dosage of mineral to stabilized the pH in pond at range 7-9 immediately. (Chemical equilibrium mechanism)

 ?  If pH become too alkaline, the solubility of carbonate ion will decrease and deposited onto the surface of alkaline ball, thus prevent increase of alkalinity. (Reduction of carbonate ion will reduce the acidity of water)


Filter Media & Effect                    

Filter 1 - Crystal Sand and Super Quick Sand plus NMR-1

?  Remove 85% of sub-micron particles

?  Enhance Oxygen and smaller water molecules 

Filter 2 ??Special Formulated Fabric Membrane

?  Remove Over 99% of sub-micron particles

?  To prevent secondary contamination to filter 3rd media

Filter 3 ??Nanosilver coated GAC plus NMR-2

?  Remove volatile organic chemicals (VOC), pesticides, herbicides, chlorine, benzene, trihalomethane(THM) compounds, manganese odor and solvents

?  Control bacteria and algae growth

?  Dechlorination 



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