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What is 5 Star Alkaline Mineral Water Filtration System?

5 Star Alkaline Mineral Water is a unique 2 in 1 water filtration system that capable to produce 2 type of water without depends on electricity.

  • Type l   - Purified water passes through a specially designed filter to generate Alkaline
                     Mineral Water for Drinking.
  • Type 2 - Tap Water flows through a specially designed filter to generate high 
                    antioxidant energized water for removing pesticide and preserving the
                    freshness of vegetable and food.
How does 5 Star Alkaline Mineral Water Filtration System Work?
Tap water is first purified through the 5 pieces of specially designed filter. The filter materials consist of Nanosilver Coated Activated Carbon, Coral Calcium and NMR Ceramic stones to activate and energize the filtered water before passes through another system called ??lkaline Regulatory System??to generate the alkaline water. The filtration effectively removes bacteria, chlorine, chloramine, rust, sediments, heavy metals, harmful chemicals and substances from the source water.
What is Alkaline Mineral Water?
Alkaline Mineral Water is a type of water that consists of hydroxyl (OH-) ions more than hydrogen ion (H+). When these ions are in equal proportions, the pH is a neutral 7. When there are more OH- ions than H+ ions, then the water is alkaline and the pH is higher than 7.
What is the meaning of pH?
pH is the quantitative measurement of acidity or alkalinity of a substance or solution. The pH scale is based on the number of hydrogen ions in the solution and runs from 0 to 14. Water with an equal amount of hydrogen ions and hydroxyl ions is measured as neutral and having a pH of 7. The pH for an acid solution is below pH7 while pH above that is alkaline.
What are Antioxidants and why do we need them?
Oxidation means to decay or age. In the human body, oxidation is caused by free radical damage. Free radicals that exist in our body damaged the cell's DNA by grabbed an electron from the cell to become stable. This mutation or degradation of DNA structure is the cause of many diseases and it is also part of what makes us age. 5 Star Alkaline Mineral Water has a Negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (-ORP) therefore it offsets the free radicals in our body as we are aging. 5 Star Alkaline Mineral Water gives you an abundance of antioxidants to remove free radicals from your body. With its smallest cluster of water and the abundance of negative charged electrons (OH-), it permeates into body cells readily to reduce free radicals into harmless water.
Why should I drink 5 Star Alkaline Mineral Water?
5 Star Alkaline Mineral Water gives you an abundance of anti-oxidants to reduce cell damages and helps to restore your pH balance in your body. It also contains an abundance of ionic minerals, such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium that are essential for cellular functions. The water is a powerful to neutralize uric acids and acidic toxic wastes and flushes them out from the body.
How long can I store the Alkaline Ionized Antioxidant Water?
There is no harm storing the water for few days. Treat it like what you do for your normal water. For best effect, try to drink directly from the filtration system. However, if you need to store the water, try to collect the water daily to maximize the benefits derived from the Alkaline Mineral Water.
How does 5 Star Alkaline Water compared to Reverse Osmosis, Distillers and other Filtering or Energizing Water available in the market?
Water for human body should contain essential minerals and electrolytes that are vital for cellular functions. Reverse Osmosis uses membranes in its system to filter out the mineral. Distillation is the process in which water is boiled, evaporated and the vapor condensed. Both systems remove all dissolved minerals and produces pure water that tends to be acidic. Pure water does not have electrolytes that are important for cellular functions. Cooking foods in pure water pulls the minerals out of them and lowers their nutrient value.
Carbon Filters or Energizing Water Filters are basic filter that found in water filtration system. Some systems come with few types of cartridges, but filters cannot kill bacteria. 5 Star Alkaline Mineral Water can offer you Nanosilver coated activated carbon to prevent bacteria growth and antioxidant properties, smaller water molecule cluster to energize and restore you body pH balance.
Will the quality of 5 Star Alkaline Mineral Water deteriorate after boiled?
Its Alkaline properties may not reduce due to its chemical equilibrium between the mineral and hydroxide ion that content in water. When compared with other purified water, 5 Star Alkaline Mineral Water will still be a rich source of mineral that is healthy for consumption.
So what is the importance for water that is easier to absorb?
Increase solubility of water, it is more readily absorbed into your body. Ion exchange between body cells and interstitial fluid is more readily. In addition, it can enhance the absorption of vitamins and minerals into your body. It also may help clear up some digestive problems.

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