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Body Recovery Reaction Due to Detoxification                      

Prof. Herring pointed out that the legal treatment of law in the healing process, will have some signs or symptoms. These symptoms or reactions are temporary, such a reaction, called Healing Crisis. This is due to healing crisis of the organ you are declining to resume normal operation, the removal of toxins from the body. Healing Crisis is usually around 7-14 days, which is due to personal living habits, age, dosage, symptoms and physical differences. These symptoms are not side effects, after the healing crisis, the body will become light, strong and spiritual improvement.  Continuing drinking alkaline mineral water, can strengthen your immune capacity, most of the diseases caused by toxins, can be cured without medicine, Health is Wealth.

Remark : When symptoms of healing crisis happen drink lukewarm Alkaline Mineral Water.

                      Symptom                            Possible Reaction

Acidic Blood                    Sleepy (daytime), dryness of throat and tongue, frequent 
                                       urination, flatulence 

Hypertension                    Feeling of pressure in the head, dizziness persistent for 1-2 week

Gastric Problems             Heartburn, lack of appetite

Gastric Ulcer                    Pain or pressure at the lesion part

Anemia                            Varies for different people, but normally slight nosebleeds occurred 
(Especially Female)

Intestine Dysfunction         Diarrhea, depends on patient condition

Liver Problems                  Nausea, skin itchiness and rashes

Cirrhosis                           Appearance of blood or blood clots in the faeces

Kidney Problem                 Decrease in body protein, facial edema, slight edema of the legs & etc

Diabetes Mellitus               Increase in sugar excretion once in a while, edema (swelling) of the limbs

Acne                                 Acne increase at the beginning, and then disappear rapidly

Piles                                 Appearance of blood or blood clots the in faeces

Chronic Bronchitis             Dryness of the mouth, vomiting, dizziness, difficulty in spitting out 

Lungs Problems                Increase of yellowish phlegm when coughing

Sinusitis                           Increase excretion of concentrated nasal mucus once a while

Skin Allergy
                     Increase of skin itchiness at first, than decrease eventually a few days 
                                      later & bath with lukewarm alkaline mineral water.

Rheumatism                   Slight pain at the affected parts and will disappear a few days later
Hyperuricemia                General pain throughout the whole body, various reactions depends on the 
                                           patient's condition

Healing Crisis is not a side effect, after it's disappeared, the body defence get stronger while the immune system becomes more effective. More of the sickness are cured eventually. You will become healthier and more energetic and we hope you will succeed in your life! 




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