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Alkaline Treatment Stick
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Portable Water Treatment Stick     


What is Alkaline Water Treatment Stick ? 


5 Star Alkaline Water Treatment Stick is an innovative invention of joint development of " The Institute of Functional Biomaterials and Biotechnology, Yonsei University " which can remove acidic wastes of body and active oxygen.


5 Star Alkaline Water Treatment Stick will transforms bottled mineral or R.O. water to alkaline ionic and reducing the water molecule. It can remove pollutant organics and heavy metals and releasing minerals in the water.  In addition, it will sterilize and deodorize functions for water.


Advantage of alkaline ionized water 


Alkaline ionized water has the decreasing effects of obesity, cancer, heart disease, hyper blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, allergy, skin disease, aging, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, morning sickness, renal disease, gallstone, stress and depression by removing of body acid wastes produced by bad eating habits (over eating meat, rice, fried food, many beverages, sucrose and sugar relatively)


Characteristics of 5 Star Alkaline Water Treatment Stick


  - Ionizing ordinary water to Alkaline Water

  - Production of Active Oxygen and reducing water molecule. 

  - Sterilize of bacteria and remove unpleasant odour. 

   - Releasing mineral and remove heavy metals in the water. 

   - Eliminate pollutants in the water.


~~ Alkaline Water Treatment Stick ~~ 


In some cases, due to the different of water quality, the pH of water may be varied. A gas, perspiration, diuresis, belch, vertigo and diarrhea by reduced response of body and eruption, pimple and itch during excretion the waste products of metabolism may happen as a passing phenomenon will disappear as time passes. 


Reactivate the 5 Star Alkaline Water Treatment Stick 


If the Alkaline Water Treatment Stick has been used for 2,000 liter of drinking water, it is advisable to reactivate the stick by soaking into the Apple vinegar solution (vinegar : water - 1 : 1) for 30 minutes and then washing with running fresh water. 




Wash the Alkaline Water Treatment Stick with running fresh water for a while before use because this product may contain powders made during manufacturing process. 

1. Insert the Alkaline Water Treatment Stick into any bottled mineral or R.O. water. 

2. Shake the bottle lightly for 15 minutes, and drink. 

3. Refill the bottled water if you continue drinking and repeat shaking, the water will soon be transformed to alkaline.

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