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OUR PRODUCTS Alkaline Mineral Filtration System
Alkaline Mineral Filtration System Alkaline Mineral Filtration System

The 1st task of 5 Star Alkaline Mineral Filtration System is to filter harmful components presented in the water, such as chlorine, trihalomethanes, phenols, sediments, odor, taste and organic waste.

5 Star Alkaline Mineral Water containing natural minerals satisfies the requirements of good water desired by our body. Our Alkaline Mineral Water, made by our own technology using natural minerals, not by artificial method such as electrolysis, strengthens natural healing power of the human body. 

* Available model : table top & under sink.

We Are Better Because We Are Different

5 Star Alkaline Mineral Filtration System is capable to generate 2 different type of qualities water from just 1 type of incoming tap water without depending on electricity: 

Type  l  -  Purified water passes through a specially designed filter to generate Alkaline Mineral Water for drinking.

        (pH8.5 - pH9.5)


Type 2  - Tap water flows through a specially designed filter to generate high antioxidant energized water
removing pesticide and preserving the freshness of vegetable & food. 
        (pH9.5 - pH11.5)

The Good Water For Saving Our Body                    

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Water Should Be Clean


Living in the 21st century, we are always exposed to pollution materials such as pesticide residues, oil, living drainage and wastewater. In addition, the city water is also polluted with rust and corrosive scales in the water pipes, delivering the water to our home. Our drinking water should be free of such pollutants.


Water Should Be Rich In Minerals


Various minerals must be contained in water and foods that we take, since minerals play significant role in our body. Our body may become short of minerals and should take minerals by other means, if we use a water purifier that enhanced beneficial minerals together with pH  8.5 ??pH 9.5 it helps to save our body.


Water Must Be Alkaline


Blood in our body is alkaline with pH 7.35 ??7.45. Nonetheless, the blood may get acidified, if we take an excessive amount of animal protein or fat, or our stress continues for a long time. In danger of blood acidification everyday, the moderners should take alkaline water to resolve their acidified blood to the alkaline state.


Water Must Be Capable Of Removing Free Radical

(Active Oxygen)


Essential to life, normal oxygen may pass into active oxygen. About 2% of oxygen that we breathe in may become active oxygen in our body, causing all kind of illness. If water with the anti-oxidation capacity continuously circulates in our body, it will remove the unnecessary active oxygen as soon as it is produced.

What Will 5 Stars Alkaline Mineral Water Do For Your Health?

Alkaline Water Transforms Acidified Blood

5 Stars Alkaline Mineral Water can restore body pH balance. Normal blood has a pH alkalinity of 7.4, but it can become acidified in two major instances: excessive intake of animal protein or fat, insufficient exercise and prolonged state of stress. When blood acidifies human body's homeostasis breaks down. Metabolism occurs smoothly if blood flows through the vessels unobstructed, but many problems begin if blood cannot flow due to turbidity. Turbidity of blood means it has become acidified by fat and other acidic waste matter to increase viscosity. A 0.2 decrease in pH signifies concentration of hydrogen ions (which show acidity levels) increased by almost 60%.


Adequately, 5 Stars Alkaline Mineral Water generally has a pH 8.5 ??9.5. This water has been verified to have special efficacies of abnormal fermentation within the stomach and intestines, chronic diarrhea, indigestion, acid dyspepsia and constipation. Drinking alkaline mineral water can reverse the acidified blood back to alkalescency. Food products most popular in the modern age are almost all acidic. This is why water high in pH and alkalinity should be supplied to soften the rising trend of acidity inside the body.


Alkaline Mineral Water That Eliminates Free Radical (Active Oxygen)


Active oxygen-necessary for our bodies but an overabundance of which is also the original cause for diseases and aging! If water that eliminates this excesses active oxygen can continue to circulate throughout the body, we can be freed from the many illnesses caused by active oxygen.

It's Estimated That 90% Of Ageing & Related Diseases Are Caused By Free Radicals.


                                                           Free radicals come from:
                                                          *     Food additives 
                                                          *     Food preparation (frying foods, BBQ)
                                                          *     Pesticides 
                                                          *     Pollution 
                                                          *     Stress 
                                                          *     Tobacco smoke 
                                                          *     X-rays 
                                                          *     Ozone

5 Star High Efficiency Alkaline Mineral Filtration System                                     

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The Ultimate Treasure To Rescue Life From water Pollution   

  • A product based on natural mineral that can revive the fountain of life.
  • Produces clean drinking water using Patented Nanotechnology.
  • Accredited by International Water Quality Organizations and proven by laboratory tests 
    that Alkaline Water is Antioxidant, capable of removing free radicals & stimulate cellular 
    activities in human body.
  • Say good bye to Obsolete Chemical or Hydrolysis filtration process, adopting the latest 
    technology for Zero-pollutant, Safe Drinking Alkaline Mineral Water.
    Enviromental friendly no wastage of water.
  • Delay ageing process & revive your Brillient Countenance.
  • Unlimited supply of high quality drinking water at your premise.
  • Do away with costly replacement of internal filter cartilages.



        Healthy Water For Your Lifestyle 

Accredited International Laboratory Test     .

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